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Month: July 2013

New Rockmelt is Almost What I Need

So it’s been more than two months I started working on Google Reader replacement.

I got a some sort prototype and it’s working okay for personal use. Thanks to AWS CloudSearch, I got even search functionality that other RSS reader apps don’t have yet.

I tried a couple of new comers like Digg Reader and AOL Reader. They serve same basic functionality as Google Reader. However, none of them really suited my needs.

One day I came across Rockmelt, which I remember it as a social web browser for long time. It appears the company pivoted from browser making business to news aggregation service. It’s got Pinterest like UI and ability to import RSS feeds from Google Reader.

Well, I have to say this is THE reader app I’m looking for. Indeed, it lacks ability to access feed from social services like Facebook and Twitter, but that’s okay for now.

Unfortunately, there is less incentive left for me to create yet another RSS reader app. Maybe I will find new direction and push development further, or not.