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What the Viki acquisition means for Kyoto

Interesting article. I’m hoping Kyoto won’t have to go through 70 years and multiple wars to develop its own ecosystem until we could produce iconic exists like Viki. I think we can shorten the time by carefully studying Singapore as a case study.

What the Viki acquisition means for Singapore

What I didn’t know is that Viki was founded by two Koreans and an Egyptian-Armenian who were complete foreigners.  They stayed in Singapore because they are funded there.

To make contract to above artcile, what’s missing in my hometown are 1) NRF-like scheme to support local seed fund 2) Place like Hackerspace.SG where foreigners can easily stop by, work and stay for few weeks 3) Iconic exits like Viki to attract talents and investors from all around the world.

I will have answers to 1) and 2) because I’m working on them right now with enormous support from like-minded people. A tough part is 3) which requires a fair amount of time and effort to accomplish, but we will eventually have it if we never stop catching up and studying.

I encourage everyone who is in software industry and based out of places other than Silicon Valley read this article, and take some action.