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CEO Blog: December 31, 2019

I hope everyone is having a good new year’s holiday. I’m writing this blog post at my home in Kyoto with my family, and this is going to be the last post for this year.

First off, I’d like to use this opportunity to thank everyone for working at Hacarus. It’s been a wonderful year working with you all. Now that my 5th year at the company I started back in 2014 is about to end. I had this mission to make people live longer and healthier, but I wasn’t exactly sure if I’d be able to build a company on top of that mission 5 years ago.

Fast forward to today, we have 50+ people trying to achieve the same mission. That mission is no more just mine. It is the mission we all share and want to achieve. We tried so many different ideas and tactics to execute that mission. Some worked and others did not, but we will keep trying in the future until the mission becomes reality.

I know some of you guys are a bit unsure about the company’s direction given the recent introduction of new services and new ways of doing business as I explained in the previous general meeting. Maybe the company looked like pivoting from the original idea and changing its direction just based on the feedback from our investors.

Let me say that it is not true. Yes, we as the board members take the feedback from the investors very seriously and sometimes change the strategy accordingly. The investors are the ones writing us actual paycheck every month and they are the reasons for keeping us alive. Thus, we need to listen to them. To me, there is no distinction between our employees and investors as they are both important stakeholders.

With that being said, our mission has not changed a bit at all since the company foundation in 2014. Hacarus’ mission is still to make people live longer and healthier. Please remember you joined the company with this mission, not an AI startup. To us, AI is just one of the means to enable our mission.

The business we are trying to build requires a fair amount of investment. Any product and service in the medical field need extensive validation before releasing them to the market in order to make sure they don’t cause harm to human and animal. This is the reason why Hacarus focuses on two primary fields: medical and non-medical. The former takes time to build business much longer than the latter.

Next year, we will be launching new products and services in both fields. They may seem totally unrelated on the surface. However, they are deeply connected and they are considered as necessary wheels to drive the company. We are trying to maintain constant cash flow from the non-medical field and use that cash flow to make an additional investment into the medical field. It’s like building a rocket launcher while building a rocket itself.

Once again, we are not just an AI startup. We use AI to make our mission happen. If there is a better way to make it happen, we will adopt it. We would not be surprised if Hacarus does business in the biotech, surgical robot, or food industry in the next 10 years. They are all possible means to us.

Happy new year, everyone!



まず、この機会を利用して、Hacarusで働いてくれたすべての人に感謝したいと思います。今年は、皆さんと一緒に仕事ができた素晴らしい年でした。 自分が2014年に立ち上げた会社での5年目が、もうすぐ終わろうとしています。人の長寿と健康を実現するというミッションを掲げたものの、5年前は、このミッションの上に会社というものを作れるかどうか正直分かりませんでした。




そんなわけで、2014年の創業以来、自分たちのミッションは少しも変わっていません。Hacarusのミッションは、人の長寿と健康を実現です。 AIスタートアップではなく、このようなミッションを持つ会社に参加したことを忘れないでください。自分たちにとって、AIはミッションを実現するための手段の1つにすぎません。



繰り返しですが、自分たちは単なるAIスタートアップではありません。 ミッションを実現するためにAIを使っています。ミッションを実現するためにより良い方法があれば、それを採用するだけです。 Hacarusが今後10年間にバイオテクノロジー、外科用ロボット、または食品業界でビジネスを手掛けていても驚くことはありません。それらはすべて自分たちにとって可能性がある手段であると考えます。