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Category: University

University Originated Ventures

Today’s article from Nikkei newspaper stating that university-originated ventures need a CEO who understands both tech and business.

As a CEO of startup utilizing the university IPs, this is too obvious but I’ve seen it being stated by many people for a long period of time over and over again.

Now that a question is no more ‘stating’ and we should all focus on how we can cultivate such entrepreneurs or bring them from outside at practical level.

IMHO, a future startup CEO must have English or Chinese speaking capability in addition to tech and business skill sets.

Startup Lecture at Kyoto University Design School

On March 19th and 20th, I will be joining the 2-day startup lecture organized by Kyoto University Design School (aka D-School).

Joining me is Mr. Soga from KAPION who sold his DVD authoring startup to Apple and Mr. Matsuda from SARR who is dedicated to academic-industry collaboration and bio-tech startups for the 15 years.

Below is a brochure for the lecture. This is a open lecture so everyone interested in entrepreneurship, startups, university ventures is welcome. The entire lecture will be given in Japanese. Contact the organizer at innovation [@] if you’d like to join us.